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Sunny, one of our students talks about how our courses can help him with his career.

21 Jul

Sewing june 15

Sunny is one of our students, he is train in Interior Architecture Design, however he was never really in practice and got into the music industry for many years before deciding to go back to his roots of design.

He took Sewing Techniques Using Industrial Machines Course and now he would like to take Luxury Quality Small Leather Goods Course

When did you become interested in Fashion?

Fashion was always something that went along with what I am doing – the aesthetics, functionality and creating a unique solution or identity etc.

 What did you do when you first finished school?

Exhibition design for luxury brands and retail malls.

How did you discover P&M?

I was searching for a course on industrial machine and found P & M during my routine web search for interesting reads.

Which course have you done with us?

Sewing Techniques using industrial machines

What were you trying to achieve with this course?

To fully understand the technical side of leather goods making using industrial machines in order to achieve the creations I had in mind.

 Did you achieve it?

Yes, it has been very fruitful to learn fundamentals I did not apply previously.

 How is your professional career related with this course?

The course help to understand the process of bag making and I can apply them in many areas especially during the production process.

Which courses would you like to do next? Why?

Small leather accessories making to improve and learn new techniques.


Designers/Makers Market at Southbank Centre

14 Jan

Just before Christmas we were invited to a blog event organised by Designers/Makers at Southbank Centre. The evening was brilliant! We met other bloggers interested in handcrafting and we were invited to a little treat by Le Pain Quotidien.

Designers/Makers is a members resource to help create a supportive community for Freelance Designers within the UK. They organise a market in Spitalfields every third Saturday of the month, seasonal activities and collaborate with creative organisations. 

Designers/Makers Market at Southbank

Designers/Makers Market at Southbank

We loved what we saw and spoke with some of the Designers exhibiting at the market.  We found the story of Johnette Taylor, founder of Nette, very inspiring and asked her a few questions to share her responses with you.

Nette at Designers/Makers

Nette at Designers/Makers

Prescott & Mackay: How did you start designing leather goods? 

Johnette Taylor: After graduation with qualifications in Womenswear by FIDM in Los Angeles, I moved to London for a study abroad program offering short courses in different fashion disciplines. I ended up taking a leather accessories night class and that’s how it all began, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

I stayed in London and completed a BA from LCF in Accessory Design. With the two degrees under my belt I decided to take that knowledge and gain more hands-on experience in the fashion industry. I worked for Brown Boutique in London, working in their newly started web department together with several small accessories designers, making bags and learning about the business. I also assisted the fashion editor of Flaunt Magazine in Los Angeles. 

Thomas Saddle Bag

Thomas Saddle Bag

In my free time I often dissect second-hand luggage to figure out how they’re constructed. With this inquisitive approach to designing, and a keen eye for detail, my brand ethos was born; to offer customers old-fashioned quality with a modern twist. Nette’ began in 2010 with support from the Prince’s Trust. In September 2011, I gained a studio space at Cockpit Arts, a business incubator for a designer in the heart of London. Being a part of Cockpit Arts has given Nette’ a home, and the room to flourish into a strong leather goods company.

P&M: How do you choose the right shows and markets?

JT: From the start of my trading I used local markets in East London to test out my brand and get some free market research. While I got a better understanding, I was able to start making some money. At the start of my business, markets were perfect, low cost, flexible, and a great way to network with other designers. 

Handbag and Leather Camera Case

Handbag and Leather Camera Case

This year I showed at Pulse in London and got a better understanding about wholesale and trade shows. I attended a few others to see what shows work best for my brand. By attending, I learned more than being a part of one. I learned more about what type of buyers attend these types of shows. I guess the best research you can do when thinking about shows and markets is be a customer; see the layout and stalls, the marketing used to attract customers to the show, and meet and speak with designers and traders.

Handbag and Laptop Case

Handbag and Laptop Case

The advantages are exposure and a chance to make contact with buyers, sell your goods directly to your costumer, and test out new products. Some disadvantages would be the money involved to take part, the long hours of set up and the actual event might not fit your product. But if you do your research you will figure out what shows will work for you. 

P&M: Any future Challeges for Nette?

JT: Just to continue to stay relevant and visible. 

This year I will be working on a new collection to show in the US. I’ve put the work in and these new ventures are based on sales over the year and finding a way to still sell directly to my customer in a shop environment.